Chester Agronomy Plant
301 Washington
PO Box 301
Chester, MT 59522
Phone: 406-759-5978
Toll Free: 888-779-5978
Fax: 406-759-5605

Location Manager: Jake Knapton

Agronomy Sales: Shawn Norick

Conrad Agronomy Plant
311 Sollid Road
PO Box 690
Conrad, MT 59425
Phone: 406-278-5489
Toll Free: 800-824-7552
Fax: 406-278-7063

Location Manager: Mike Ash

Agronomy Sales: Riley DeVries

Feed Nutritionist: Jim Woodring

Cut Bank Administration Office
23 North Central
PO Box 1272
Cut Bank, MT 59427
Phone: 406-873-5551
Toll Free: 800-300-5457
Fax: 406-873-2829

General Manager: Kyle Koschmeder
Controller: Jamie Seifert
Agronomy Dept Manager: Randy Wuehler
Safety Specialist: Scott Murray
Barley Merchandiser: Joe Knox

Credit Manager: Bart Estey
Accounts Payable: Mandi Bird Kennerly
Agronomy Bookkeeper: Teri Ruff
Grain Bookkeeper: Shelly Lighthizer

Shelby Shuttle Facility
920 East Roosevelt Hwy
PO Box 849
Shelby, MT 59474
Phone: 406-434-5225
Toll Free: 888-437-5225
Fax: 406-434-7215

Manager/Merchandiser: Kenny Slezak

Operations Manager: Jabez Rogers

Choteau Agronomy Plant
47 Hwy 220
PO Box 326
Choteau, MT 59422
Phone: 406-466-5862
Toll Free: 800-794-5773
Fax: 406-466-5799

Location Manager: Shaun Miller

Agronomy Sales: Riley DeVries

Feed Nutritionist: Karnell Perry

YieldPoint Specialist: Cassidie Gasvoda

Cut Bank Agronomy Plant
29 N Central Ave
PO Box 1272
Cut Bank, MT 59427
Phone: 406-873-2081
Toll Free: 800-485-8698
Fax: 406-873-5486
(mail goes to Admin Office)

Location Manager: Tim Kipp

Agronomy Sales: Denise Wedel


Cut Bank Elevator
110 1st St North East
PO Box 1272
Cut Bank, MT  59427
Phone: 406-873-4642
Toll Free: 800-773-4642
Fax: 406-873-4074
(mail goes to Admin Office)

Operations Manager: Garrett Nygard
Grain Bookkeeper: Gail Strader

Shelby Agronomy Plant
320 East Industrial Park Road
Shelby, MT 59474

Operations Manager: Cory Lamb

Agronomy Sales: Denise Wedel

Bookkeeper: Teri Ruff
Phone: 406-424-8511

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