OR Gov. Seeks Review of Police Response09/28 06:10

OR Gov. Seeks Review of Police Response09/28 06:10


   PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- Criticism of the law enforcement response to a 
protest in Portland, Oregon, late Saturday into early Sunday prompted Gov. Kate 
Brown to ask authorities to review "any alleged incidents" involving their 

   The governor said in a series of tweets Sunday evening that she was 
committed to building trust in the community. She asked Oregon State Police 
Superintendent Travis Hampton, Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese and Portland 
Police Chief Chuck Lovell to take another look at what happened during their 
joint operations that night.

   "Journalists and law enforcement officers have difficult jobs to do during 
these demonstrations, but I do still believe that we can protect free speech 
and keep the peace," Brown tweeted.

   Videos from the demonstration in downtown Portland showed police grabbing a 
news photographer and pushing him to ground, as he was trying to document them 
tackling and detaining a person on a sidewalk, The Oregonian/OregonLive 
reported. Freelance photographer John Rudoff was wearing a helmet with "PRESS" 
stickers affixed to it. He told the outlet on Sunday that he's "physically OK 
but am quite annoyed."

   One video appears to show an officer push a journalist into a tree, causing 
the journalist to drop the camera. Oregon Public Broadcasting Editor Anna 
Griffin retweeted the video, writing, "I'd also love to hear elected officials 
explain why a reporter from my organization was subject to violence at the 
hands of law enforcement when judges have made it very clear this is not 

   Another online video showed an officer apparently deploying a chemical spray 
in the face of a man who was yelling at police and waving a sign toward them.

   Several arrests were made and an unlawful assembly was declared after 
objects were thrown at officers, including full drink cans, firecrackers and 
rocks, authorities said. One man broke away from officers and ran two blocks 
with his hands in zip-tie cuffs before he was recaptured by police. Police also 
seized bear spray, a baton and a drone in separate stops or arrests.

   Sheriff's spokesperson Chris Liedle told The Oregonian/Oregon Live that 
anyone who believes officers acted unjustly or excessively can file a complaint 
with the agency or corresponding review board.

   Nearly nightly protests have gripped Portland since the police killing of 
George Floyd in Minneapolis in May.

   The unrest late Saturday came just hours after a right-wing rally and 
counterprotesters largely dispersed without serious violence Saturday afternoon.

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